To Repair or Replace?

That is always the question when it comes to appliances!

As homeowners with bills to pay, our tendency is to buy an appliance and keep it running as long as possible, according to an article I just read in Texas Co-op Power.  But this not always the best strategy for energy efficiency.  Old appliances means higher electric bills.

If your appliance is nearing the end of its life span, it’s time to calculate whether repairing it or replacing it will cost more.

Here are some typical life spans of appliances:

  • Dishwasher: 13 years
  • Air conditioner: 15 years
  • Microwave: 15 years
  • Refrigerator: 15 years
  • Washer/dryer: 16 years
  • Furnace: 17 years
  • Range: 18 years

As a result of technological improvements made by appliance manufacturers, newer machines not only use less electricity but also have more operational features and are made to last longer than counterparts produced within even the last decade.